New publication on anonymous credentials – Inria


New publication on anonymous credentials – Inria

Presentation at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2022, Sydney

Mathieu Gestin, from Inria, had today the chance to present some results obtained in the frame of SOTERIA during the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2022, which took place in Sydney, Australia.

Hidden Issuer Anonymous Credential

To achieve online operations and avoid the creation of multiple accounts and passwords, one can use Identity Management Systems like SOTERIA. Several methods allow to improve privacy of the user when using this kind of systems. One of them is the issuance of anonymous credentials, which allow the user to share verifiable information (emitted by a trusted entity) with service providers and at the same time to ensure the unlinkability between the user and the data shared. However, it implies the disclosure of the credential issuer to the service provider, which may lead to information leak (for example, if the trusted entity emitting your credential is the French administration, the service provider with who you share the info will know you are French, even if you did not intend to share it).

In this work, Inria introduces a new type of anonymous credential, which allow to hide the issuer of the credential but at the same time guarantee the validity of the information to the service provider. More details can be found in the video!

A paper in PoPETs

The work have been published in the Issue 4 of PoPETs (Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies) and can be consulted here.

Inria – WIDE Team

Mathieu Gestin and Davide Frey, our partners in SOTERIA and co-authors of this work, are both members of the Inria WIDE team (the World Is DistributEd), which focuses on the design, evaluation and implementation of large-scale distributed computer systems.