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Awareness training

Are you aware of what is your personal data, and how to protect it? What are your rights regarding the online use of your data?

SOTERIA awareness e-training will give you insights on how to protect your devices, preserve your privacy, and prevent fraud and identity abuse through didactic written content and video tutorials.

Test your knowledge with a quizz at the end of each e-training session!

👉 SOTERIA awareness e-training 👈

SOTERIA awareness e training personal data protection


Learn more about SOTERIA app and the associated use-cases thanks to our videos!

These videos have been presented to the citizens involved in the co-creation approach.

Soteria Educational Content Videos

Increase your knowledge on personal data protection and cybersecurity!

The consumer association INFC, together with Romanian citizens, have prepared infographics and Fact sheets to help you better understand the risks associated with personal data, and how to better use the internet to protect your privacy.

Have a look at them, and do not hesitate to interact with us through the forms available at the end of some of them!

Learn more about data!

Discover European citizens beliefs about the digital world

Protect yourself from online manipulation


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